Bikes, Bells, and Barbeque

Posted: July 31, 2011 in Accessories, General Musings, Photos, Travel

Ride Day: Sunday July 31

Total Distance: 245 miles (10 hours)

Went for a great ride today with three great couples. We left Stafford, CT around 10:00 a.m. and headed North on Route 32 as two Yamahas and 2 Harley Davidsons (a Dyna Glide and a Road Glide Ultra) but came back as one Yamaha and 2 HDs.  Shortly after Athol, MA we took our first break at the Tully Dam. While stretching I was able to snap a few pics for documentation’s sake, so I can remember where the hell I’ve been, and of course for all you.

(from what I was told, there is a disc golf course to the right of this picture)

Our lunch destination was Curtis’ Bar-B-Q in Putney, VT (look for a review in the near future). We arrived around 1:00 and stayed for nearly two hours. The ride home took us through the back roads of New Hampshire, and back down 32 into Mass and eventually ended at our starting point in Stafford, CT around 8:00 pm. (Route to Curtis’: 32 North to 119 West to Rt. 5 in VT)

Trip Highlights:

* Monson, MA… Seeing the damage from the tornado that ripped through in June was awe inspiring to the say the least. Riding down Main St. was a definite eye opener to the destruction mother nature can cause with one quick hit.

* With Bells On… Our stop at the Tully Dam brought attention to the fact that my bike was the only one without a bell keeping the road Gremlins away. Is riding with a bell superstition or necessity?  Depends who you ask.  I fought long and hard telling the other riders that I “ride with the dead” [I keep prayer cards from funerals in all the vehicles in/on which I travel]. “Ride with the dead” may sound great, but it’s not a bell. I was surprised to be given my very own bell when we stopped at Monadnock Harley-Davidson. Special thanks to Kim M. for giving me my first bell. I guess it’s safe to say from now on I will be “riding with bells on.” [Click here for more information on the legend of the bell]


And here’s an extra special helpful hint for you… when riding without a jacket (or anything long sleeved for that matter), remember the sunscreen!  My arms should be peeling in about 4 days.

Ride hard, ride safe, and enjoy every mile.

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