Take the Long Way Home

Posted: June 16, 2012 in Destinations, Food, General Musings, Photos, Travel

We clocked nearly two hundred miles on an all-day ride throughout the state of Connecticut today.  The best part of the ride was the company, followed by the ride itself, and last, the food.  This would be my wife’s second (and longest) ride. Our dear friends Todd and Kim once again were our riding partners. Although should be more about the journey rather than the destination, it never helps to have a good mid or ending point in mind. For this Saturday journey, we headed down to New London to eat at Captain Scott’s Lobster Dock; although it wasn’t our first time eating there, it was Todd and Kim’s first.  Previous to their life in Connecticut,  T and K did live in Maine so the quality of New London seafood would be judged fairly harshly.

We left Enfield a little behind schedule, roughly 9:30 in the morning. After performing the appropriate pre-ride inspection, we gassed up and hit the roads. On the ride we followed the yellow highlighted roads on the Motorcycle Roads map of Connecticut to see what the eastern part of the state had to offer. The route was simple – cross northern Connecticut on Route 190 East, wind our way to 169 South, follow the country roads toward the shore, and eventually end up at the eatery.

Route 169 was the highlight of the day.  The landscape was plastered with rolling farmland, hills, valleys, beautiful greenery, and homes and restaurants I couldn’t live in or eat in even if my salary was doubled.  The sweeping roads made for very pleasurable riding, as the canopy of trees shaded us from the day’s beating sun.

Our lunch break came about 1:00 pm. Between the 6 of us (friends from New London joined us for lunch), we had a smattering of Captain Scott’s finest… lobster rolls, fried shrimp, fried clams, fried scallops, fried fish (see a trend here?), clam fritters, onion rings, steamed mussels, and baked scallop salads. Although the food didn’t compare to it’s Maine equivalent (nor aparently its D’Angelo’s equal), the atmosphere and break did offer us the much needed rest to mount back atop the saddles and make our way home.

The route home had us singing “follow the yellow inked roads” throughout the central portion of the state.  These were rather disappointing; perhaps because of the great roads experienced on the way down; perhaps because our butts were sore; or perhaps because the sun was beginning to take its toll on us. We  often took necessary breaks (see photo below) and finally pulled into the driveway shortly after 7 pm.


Route to Captain Scott’s:

East on 190 to 171. Bear left onto 197 and take a right onto 169. Follow 169 to the intersection of route 14. Follow 14 to 14A.  14A intersects 49. Follow 49 to 184. Follow signs 95 south.

Route home:

Route 85, take a left onto route 82. Follow to 163.  163 ends. Merge onto 2 East and take the first exit for 32. Follow 32 to 207. 207 will rejoin 85.  Take a left onto 30 and follow to 83. 83 rejoins 190, or feel free to take the back roads like we did! 

Total Miles: 195.1


Captain Scott’s: 80 Hamilton St., New London CT (website, directions, and menu)

Although not mentioned in this article, or visited on this ride, also consider checking out The Vanilla Bean Cafe when riding on 169!

Ride hard, ride safe, and enjoy every mile!

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