Review: Harley Goodies Floorboard Extensions

Posted: July 23, 2012 in Accessories, Maintenance, Product Review, Travel

All over I have read how great Harley Goodies Floorboard Extensions are; but truthfully, I didn’t need them, my ride is comfortable enough. After all, it’s a Harley, it can’t get any better, right?  Yup, I was wrong.

I started the search for the floorboard extensions after I bolted on my passenger floorboards – the position of the passenger floorboards sat my wife’s feet tighter on the bike, cramping us just a little more than the passenger pegs. My search brought me to the Harley Goodies review page.  It didn’t take long to realize no one has anything bad to say about these products.  I composed an email to Tom, and sure enough, he got back to me that day letting me know that my model year (2012) is in fact available.

Although Tom got back to me, I did nothing with the information. Besides, we didn’t have an overnight trip planned for at least another month. Fast forward three weeks.  It was a Tuesday, the trip was on the horizon and I still hadn’t solved my floorboard problem. Rather than emailing Tom again, I called him. We spoke for 15 minutes about the differences and advantages of the product, he gave me a small homework assignment – check the thread size of the shoulder bolt on the 2012 bracket – and upon completion, I ordered the passenger extensions (chrome).  With a 2 week return policy, I also ordered a set of the rider floorboard extenders (black).  I wasn’t sure if I needed them, but figured they would be worth the shot.

As mentioned, that was a Tuesday.  They arrived that Friday from California (free shipping and cross country travel in 3 days?!?). I spent some time with the bike on Saturday installing them.  Installation was a breeze, although I admit, the original bolts were a bit difficult to get off because of leverage.  Tom recommended a 6 inch socket extension which I didn’t have.  I am sure it is easier with the proper tools!

Installation took about an hour for both rider and passenger extensions – the majority of the time was spent on the rider rather than the passenger extensions.  Instructions specifically dictated that the bike be taken on a slow test ride to assimilate the rider to the new riding position.  What better way to test ride than to go out for a sandwich!

After my ten mile jaunt all I can say is, wow!!! I was skeptical at first, but I am thrilled with the results. Tom put it best on the phone when he said, “they offer you more real estate.” And he wasn’t kidding. As a taller fellow, my riding position seemed more natural to me and I had plenty of room to move around on the boards. I have since been out a few more times and my bike has never felt more comfortable. The passenger extensions seemingly provide more room as two-up riding is less cramped.

Below are some pics after installation was completed.


Thank you again Tom!!!  This is one product endorsement I will definitely be passing along to fellow riders.

Manufacturer: Harley Goodies

Products: Rider and Passenger Floorboard Extensions

Cost: $46.95 and $39.95 for rider and passenger (Note: there is a discount for members of HDForums


Ride hard, ride safe, and enjoy every mile!

  1. Jon Webb says:

    Probably a dumb question: are these helpful to shorter riders (5’6″ and 29-30″ inseam)?

    • the muse says:

      I am 6’2, so I can’t speak from personal experience whether or not they will work for someone shorter… however, I see know reason why they wouldn’t. Your legs will actually rest on the floorboards at a more natural angle and distance from the engine. On the right side, it will also add a little more room for airflow and keep some of the engine heat off of you.

      I am in Connecticut. If you are at all local, feel free to give them a shot before making the purchase.

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