A New England Weekend – Our Trip Home

Posted: July 31, 2012 in Destinations, General Musings, Travel

Today’s route is the easiest. VT 100 to 17, to 7, and in Lee, Massachusetts we would separate from Todd and Kim. They take 8, we take 20 across the state and down into Connecticut.

100 has always delivered… it’s a scenic road full of twists and sweeps and makes its way through most of Vermont. Of course, we weren’t on it for any longer than a half hour today (I still think it would have been the fastest way home!). The turn off onto 17 took us by Mad River Glen ski area, and up and around the mountain. The road was peg scrapes delight. I thought it was OK. It was twisty, it was mountainous, it was chock full of frost heaves and it wasn’t maintained well at all. But Todd and Kim loved it!

See there are two types of riders in the world. There are those who ride to enjoy the ride, and those who ride to enjoy the road. I am definitely more of the former and less of the latter. Todd is pretty much the opposite. I scrape my pegs and it’s a warning that I probably leaned too far. Todd doesn’t scrape his pegs, and it’s his warning that he isn’t leaning enough!

There’s not much to say about Route 7. It’s scenic, and it’s fast. Cruising at 65-70 is simple. And expected. After a quick soda stop at the Pub 99 in Rutland, we cruised through the rest of VT on 7, cutting into Massachusetts, down through Williamstown, south into Pittsfield, and finally stopping in Lee where we figured if there was beer, we should drink it! Some time around 4:00 we pulled into Moe’s Tavern for a few beers.

As expected, we split in Lee. Melisa and I took Route 20, which was an awesome way to extend our trip. Although not the firs time for me, this was definitely the first time Melisa learned how great an investment the $1000 anti-lock break option is on the bike. Accelerating through the 30’s and approaching 40 MPH after pulling out from a gas station, a black bear bigger than a Great Dane (or at least my Great Dane) darted out from the woods.  I applied the brakes, and Melisa applied her two handed grip on my chest… each hand holding on for dear life. She never released her grip, instead she scratched her hands away. Had I taken off my shirt I would have probably looked like I was ravaged by Wolverine! And cars would have probably crashed and burned on the side of the road at the ghastly site of my pale, hair-covered chest. The rest of the ride home was uneventful. Or at least not nearly as eventful.

Our driveway greeted us with the same enthusiasm as it said goodbye to us 750 miles ago. And although the trip was over, we had a blast. There were some highs, and there were some lows. There was awesome food, world-class beers, and hours of laughter. The only thing we should have done was track all of Melisa’s quotes from the trip… out of context they will make no sense to anyone, but in context, each sparks a memory never to be forgotten. Until next time… “Shake it Betsy!”

Ride hard, ride safe, and enjoy every mile. 

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