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I admit, I’m a foodie. And a beerie too – did I just coin a new word?!?  A few years ago my wife and I happened upon Waterbury, Vermont; it’s a small town with all the Vermont charm one can handle. And, in my opinion, some of the best craft beer destinations in the country including The Blackback Pub and The Alchemist (although the pub and brewery is no longer, the cannery is a must visit); famously, The Alchemist is known for the hop heavy Heady Topper; notoriously, The Alchemist lost its brew pub to the flooding waters of Hurricane Irene in August 2011. Taking its place is the dining destination Prohibition Pig; in addition to a full menu, Pro Pig jumps right up there with Blackback and The Alchemist by keeping to the 23 South Main St. tradition of serving some of the finest craft beers available, both locally and nationally.

With “Smoked Meats and Libations” as its tagline, how bad could it be?  To make a long story short, it’s not bad at all… in fact, it is one of the best meals I have ever eaten in my life. Truthfully, everything on the menu looks awesome, and I often find myself ogling the plates sitting on others’ tables, but as a creature of habit, I never order anything new. I often visit Waterbury for one night at a time, and this is the meal I must have:

Appetizers: An order of smoked wings ($8). They are smokey and some of the best wings I have ever eaten. But not only are they smoked, they are then fried for the perfect wing finish, topped with crumbled bleu cheese, and served with carrots and house dressing. We also like to order a second appetizer, an order of mussels. They might even be better than the wings (although good luck trying to get me to admit that when I have a mouth full of wings). The current mussel offering is Maine Beer Mussels ($10), but in the past they have offered PEI mussels.  They are soaked in a beer and onion sauce, and then smothered in french fries and a spicy aioli. Don’t pass either appetizer by!!!

Maine Beer Mussels and the Smoked Wings (or at least what’s left of them)

Entree: The House Quarter Pounder ($8). For lack of a better word, it is beef, bacon, and cheese perfection. The burger is topped with pimento cheese (is it a spread?!?), house smoked (really thick cut!) bacon, and, wait for it… keep waiting… a slice of fried green tomato.The burger is served on a sweet potato roll and is cooked to order; unlike other restaurants, rare means rare!  The burger also comes with a pickle on the side. Although you might be thinking, “so what, it’s a pickle,” I guarantee you, it is a phenomenal pickle; it is one of the best I have ever eaten. It has a slight spicy kick, and a tinge of garlic to the taste. What does it say about the meal when even the pickle is top notch? Yeah, it’s all that good!

The Best Thing Under the (Sweet Potato) Bun!

The biggest disappointment with the burgers is that sides are not included, they are an additional $4 per side. I prefer fries with my burgers so I usually order them from the appetizer menu ($5). When all is ordered and eaten, the burger and fries is still a very manageable $13 for a product well worth the price. The homemade sauces on the table are very good, and the homemade ketchup is great; but to make your dining experience complete, be sure to ask for a side of the Heady Topper mustard.

Dessert: I am not a dessert eater, but I will occasionally order the maple bacon ice cream. It is a perfect blend of the mapley sweet and the savory smokiness of the bacon. A great way to finish a great meal.

Beverages: Normally I drink water with my dinner, but not even I can pass up the opportunity to drink world class beers. I like to drink two beers with every meal at Pro Pig. One is always a Heady Topper (the aforementioned hop bomb from The Alchemist), and then an offering from either Hill Farmstead or Lawson’s Finest Liquids. Viva la Vermont Craft Beer!!!

By far this is one of the best 3 meals I have ever eaten at a restaurant. It is awesome from drinks and appetizer to dessert, and it is completely satisfying – you will not leave hungry. But you will leave hungry for more in the future. Honestly, I couldn’t even tell you what the other 2 top meals are. Maybe this is in fact one of the top two, or the top one. I just don’t want to crown a king just yet. There is plenty of food to be eaten, but this meal (as ordered above each and every time) is very hard to top. If you haven’t been, go.

Web site:

Address: 23 South Main St. Waterbury, VT 05676

Menu: Click Here

Price: $$-$$$

[My apologies for the dark photos, I do not like to use a flash in a restaurant… especially a dark restaurant.]

Ride hard, ride safe, and enjoy every mile. And meal!

Can’t Get There From Here

Posted: October 27, 2012 in General Musings

Our Saturday trip to Canada for a late lunch came to an abrupt end mere miles away from the border.


Ride hard, ride safe, and enjoy every mile.

One of My Favorites

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Somewhere along Route 116 in Massachusetts.


Ride hard, ride safe, and enjoy every mile.

5,000 and Counting

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It’s been a great year for riding… hoping to log a few thousand more before April 2013. Live free and ride…


Ride hard, ride safe and enjoy every mile.