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A Quick Winter Ride

Posted: December 22, 2012 in General Musings

Had the opportunity to take Bea out for a quick jaunt today down to the dealer. Although the temps were in the 30’s, it didn’t seem nearly as cold as I expected it to feel. I did dress for the occasion, but I forgot to turn the heat on before I started my ride. Needless to say, the cold was refreshing. My only complaint is the ease with each my full-face fogs in the winter (and rain). Not too sure how to solve that. I’ve been fighting it for years.

I’ve also been reading a great deal about how Harleys perform better in the cold than they do in the hot weather. Let’s just say, I’m a believer. The bike responds better. The performance is better. And the sound… well… it’s beastly!

Below is the most recent pic I have. I took it today when I got home. The tour pack is the newest addition. A Black Friday deal at TSI made it all possible. I don’t  know what I look forward to more… the ease with which I can pack and unpack on trips, or the fact that Melisa can now sleep on the back of the bike and I won’t have to fight her for the radio.


Ride hard, ride safe, and enjoy every mile.