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I’ve passed Rondeau’s Dairy Bar on numerous rides up 32 in Massachusetts.  I’ll admit when I’m riding, one of two things happens… either I pass an establishment and I’m too lazy to turn around, or I’m just not hungry enough to stop.  Well, today, I was hungry and we had driven by Rondeau’s 5 times in two days.  On the 6th, we stopped!

The approach is that of a typical dairy bar… large quantities of outside dining (sounds so fancy huh?), a few large windows to order at, and more menu signs than one can possibly read. There is also a cow complete with squeezable udders for the kids.  And people like me.

So what’s on the menu?  Everything from ice cream and milk shakes to hot dogs, hamburgers and fresh seafood platters. There are an assortment of grinders, tuna melts, honey lemon chicken and pepper steak sandwiches, clam rolls, BLTs, ham and cheese,  fries and rings… Rondeau’s is not a one trick pony. Items seemed moderately priced. The most expensive items on the list are the seafood sandwiches/platters. Other than that all items are priced $4 or under (honey lemon chicken is the only exception at $5.25).

Melisa and I were both unsure of whether or not we wanted ice cream or a hot dog (good thing we stopped at a dairy bar huh?).  Walking up to the counter we noticed a lunch special: 2 long dogs, fries or onion rings, and a soda for $7.  Naturally we ordered them up. Two dogs were dressed in chili and cheese, two dogs were covered in mustard, ketchup, onions and relish, and we ordered one of each the rings and fries. Total cost, a hair over $16 – I am assuming the chili dogs cost slightly more than the regular dogs as part of the special.

The Verdict: The hot dogs were cooked exactly how I expect them to be when bought from a roadside stand. The buns were grilled brown, the Blue Seal franks had a beautiful pinkish hue complete with grill top marks, and the dogs were generously topped without distracting from their meaty goodness. They reminded me of my favorite hot dog stand in Leicester, Hot Dog Annie’s.  Truthfully these dogs may have been better than Annie’s – they certainly were bigger! (As my wife says, “they were big and long, and scrumptiously filled with cheese.”)  The rings and fries were thick and crisp on the outside – not under or overcooked which is not only possible at many small establishments, but also very common.

Although we wanted to add ice cream, there truthfully was no room in our bellies for dessert.  On a future stop we will be enjoying the dairy aspect of the dairy bar.

Alvin Rondeau’s Dairy Bar

Address: 1300 Ware St, 01069 Palmer, MA (corner of Route 32 and Ware Rd.)

Phone: 413/284-0068


Price: $$

Ride hard, ride safe, and enjoy every mile.